Vanity Fyx- Press-On Nails- Sheila Nude (Matte)

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Our new stunning neutral colored press-ons are here!

Nails come ready to wear, no polish needed.

  • You can apply the nails two ways: nails come with both nail glue or adhesive tabs.
  • You can wear these nails for over a week!
  • Skip the nail shop and apply these professional looking press-ons yourself in a fraction of the time you spend in a nail shop.
  • Packaging contains 24 Nails,Nail Glue, Mini  Nail File, Wood Cuticle Stick



1. Clean and buff natural nail gently.

2. Apply Nail Glue or Glue sticker to the plastic tip.

3. Apply Press-On to the natural nail.

4. Press and hold down the nail for 20 sec.

CAUTION: Do not use if natural nails are Inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children.